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I'm a big reader -- I've been along for the ride for awards such as Best of the Net and CLMP's Firecracker Award, as well as just about every open reading period and application season for Sundress Publications since the start of 2021. I've had the honor of reading so much great work that I know what success looks like -- and how to get your work there. Whether you want a sharp eye to copyedit or a sounding board to talk through developmental edits, I'm here to help.

I 've helped authors get their footing, create marketing materials, collect blurbs, assist reviews, concoct cover art, get indie titles placed in brick-and-mortar bookstores, and more. I've also created websites, worked magazine brand redesigns, built promotional playlists, and formatted chapbooks. If you're looking for this sort of help, whether you're trying to develop a more diverse readership for your magazine or get your first book off the ground, let's talk!

Brush Strokes


I write and edit for an online scientific company, using the most up-to-date research and strategies to get correct information into people's hands. It's critical that articles are approachable, accurate, and easy to find. Using sharp SEO strategies, deep research, and crafty linkbuilding techniques, I've helped to get our already high-performing site into top shape. My articles have been linked on blogs, academic sites, and programs like the UAB Insitute for Human Rights and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit.

Likewise, I manage and edit (line and copy) a team of freelancers, my peers', and my own work with speed and grace. My students and teams can verify -- I leave a lot of feedback in pursuit of the best possible writing.

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